Steve Vai is set to play in London at the 2009 Guitar Show. The "stunt guitar man" is also bringing his Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass to the show.

London, England (February 1, 2009) –  Master Guitar Virtuoso, Steve Vai, is confirmed to play the 2009 London Guitar Show at the ExCeL exhibition centre, London Docklands June 11th to 14th 2009.

More than just playing, “the stunt guitar man,” is also bringing his amazing Alien Guitar Secrets – a Steve Vai Masterclass to the show.

For more than 20 years Steve Vai has been one of the worlds most respected and admired guitarists. He has combined a highly successful solo career, with an equally successful career touring and recording with numerous musical artists including Frank Zappa, Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake and the G3 Concert Tour. A two times Grammy Award winner, Steve Vai has year after year won best guitarist in magazine reader polls across the globe, as well as winning critical acclaim for this work as a composer, producer and live performer.

Ground breaking, innovative and revolutionary, Steve Vai has continued to push back musical boundaries with work as varied as recording with the 100 piece Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra to writing the sound track to Guitar Hero III.

The London Guitar Show has a reputation for putting on unmissable live concerts featuring the world’s best players and the shows organizers are very excited to announce this will be Steve Vai’s only UK show in 2009. Even better Steve Vai will be joined on stage by guitar great Phil Holborne, and legendary Iron Maiden drummer, Nicko McBrain for a truly historic concert.

Equally as thrilling, Steve Vai is bringing his hugely successful Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass to the London Guitar Show. This unprecedented opportunity is open to all, music students and guitar enthusiasts and will have very limited places. The 3 hour unique experience gives the student a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Steve discuss music theory, guitar techniques, the music business, and most importantly, techniques on how to discover and unlock personal musical identity. It also includes a question and answer session, and a few attendees will be chosen to jam with Steve in this intimate environment.

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