steve vai

Left to Right: Tony Levin, Steve Vai, Adrian Belew, and Danny Carey

Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Steve Vai, and Tool drummer Danny Carey join forces for the BEAT Tour, a creative reinterpretation of iconic '80s King Crimson albums.

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A gateway into some of the most recognizable Vai-isms.



·Develop a deeper sense of subdivisions.

·Learn how to combine odd groupings.

·Perfect the “Yngwie” pattern.

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I had the pleasure of taking part in a project a couple of years back breaking down Steve Vai’s playing on David Lee Roth’s Eat Em and Smile album. Safe to say my fingers were fried after three months of practicing, but there were so many creative ideas to learn from. Late ’80s and early ’90s Vai is really something to behold, as he was featured in huge bands and changed the face of instrumental guitar. I want to look at some technical aspects of what he would do in terms of linear lines and expressions. My hope is that by learning them, you can take them and make them your own. Let’s dive in!

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Designed for Steve Vai’s signature Ibanez PIA guitar, the UtoPIA Neck pickup features a custom laser-cut baroque style cover over a gold patterned layer.

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