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Question & Obsession

Sam Shipstone ripping on his G&L Tribute ASAT T-style in butterscotch blond.

Photo by Jamie Macmillan

Photo by Jamie Macmillan

Yard Act’s Sam Shipstone joins reader Greg DeGood and PG staff members in naming the guitars they love best, stock—with no need to mod.

Question: What is your favorite guitar that comes stock without the need for modding?

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With a team of experts on hand, we look at six workhorse vintage amps you can still find for around $1,000 or less.

If you survey the gear that shows up on stages and studios for long enough, you’ll spot some patterns in the kinds of guitar amplification players are using. There’s the rotating cast of backline badasses that do the bulk of the work cranking it out every day and night—we’re all looking at you, ’65 Deluxe Reverb reissue.

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Electric blues guitarist Cedric Burnside.

Photo by Jim Arbogast

Electric blues guitarist Cedric Burnside joins PGstaff and reader Dominic von Riedemann in cheering on their favorite pedals—or lack thereof!

Question: What effects pedal can you not live without?

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Breaking Benjamin's Keith Wallen

Photo by Courtney Dellafiora

For this month’s question, Breaking Benjamin guitarist Keith Wallen chimes in with reader Benoit Champagne and PG staff on where they’d like to see themselves grow in their musical pursuits.

Question: What’s one area you’d like to improve on in your music?

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Guest picker and blues bassist Danielle Nicole.

Photo by Missy Faulkner

Blues bassist Danielle Nicole chimes in with PG staff and reader John Seabolt on what amazes them about their favorite guitarists.

Question: What about your favorite guitarists make them great?

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