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Stompboxtension: More Daily Gear Giveaways from Premier Guitar!

More daily giveaways from Premier Guitar!

Stompboxtober was a HUGE success! Everyday during the month of October, one lucky person won a great stompbox from Premier Guitar.
Due to the overwhelming response, we are EXTENDING the contest into November!
Welcome to PG's Stompboxtension.
Be sure to bookmark this page as a reference for all the upcoming pedals. Click the images below to enter to win, but remember, you can only enter on the day that the contest is running!
Day #1: November 1, 2010


Day #2November 2, 2010

Micro flanger

Day #3November 3, 2010

Seymour Duncan
Deja Vu

Day #4November 4, 2010

Harman Hardwire
HT-2 Tuner

Day #5November 5. 2010

Visual Sound
Angry Fuzz

Day#6: November 6, 2010


Day #7November 7. 2010

Source Audio
HotHands Phaser/Flanger

Day #8: November 8, 2010

Tech 21

Day #9November 9. 2010

Harman Hardwire TL-2
Metal Distortion

Day #10: November 10. 2010

Tech 21
U.S. Steel

Day #11November 11. 2010

Geiger Counter
Civilian Issue

Day #12November 12. 2010


Day #13 November 13, 2010


Guitar Silencer

Day #14 November 14, 2010

Funk Filter Enveloper

Day #15 November 15, 2010


Day #16 November 16, 2010

Spectrum DI

Day #17 November 17, 2010

Seymour Duncan
Twin Tube Blue

Day #18 November 18, 2010



Day #19 November 19, 2010

Solid Gold FX


Day #20 November 20, 2010

Black Cat Pedals
Congrats to our Stompboxtension winners!
Marty Nelson of Deadwood, SD - Toadworks Pipeline
Mark Thompson of Pinellas Park, FL - MXR Micro Flanger
Kenneth Killion of St Louis, MO -  Seymour Duncan Deja Vu
Samuel Ragland of Mobile, AL - Harman Hardwire HT-2 Chromatic Tuner
Mark Saucier of New Orleans, LA Visual - Sound Angry Fuzz
Andre Maquera of Fairfield, VT - Zoom G2nu
James Mitchell of Green River, WY  - Source Audio HotHands Phaser/Flanger
Stephen Vivona of Tucson, AZ - Tech 21 Oxford

Jason Sadler of Bowling Green, KY - Hardiwre TL-2 Metal Distortion
Dallas Mckinley of Pierre, SD - Tech 21 US Steel
William Harris of Ridgeline, MS  - WMD Geiger Counter Civilian Issue
Michael Shallah of Bedford, NH - Hermida Audio Distortion
Mike Carpenter of Davie, FL - Rocktron Guitar Silencer
Joseph Wegrzyn of South Windsor, CT - ModTone Funk Filter Enveloper
Marijn Westerlaken of New York, NY - Zoom G2.1 nu
Anthony Guanci of Peabody, MA - Fishman Aura Spectrum DI