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Strymon Unveils El Capistan dTape Echo

Strymon Unveils El Capistan dTape Echo

Strymon''s El Capistan uses the company''s new dTape technology to achieve a range of vintage tape delay sounds.

Westlake Village, CA (July 26, 2010) -- Strymon has released details on their newest pedal, the El Capistan dTape Delay. The El Capistan is designed to recreate the sound and feel of vintage tape echo machines without the required maintenance.

Strymon developed their dTape technology using a powerful SHARC DSP to achieve three different tape machines in one pedal: Fixed Head, Multi Head, and Single Head. Each machine type has three modes. These options are designed to allow users to attain everything from pristine machines to the fluctuations of a machine in need of service, and new tape to worn our tape.

* Hand crafted dTape algorithms deliver meticulous and nuanced recreations of tape echo systems.
* Three tape machines in one: Fixed (one fixed playback head), Multi (multiple playback heads), and Single (sliding record head)
* Each tape machine has three modes for extremely flexible echo options
* Five tape adjustment and tone shaping knobs: Time, Mix, Tape Age, Repeats, Wow & Flutter
* Five "hidden" knobs for extensive tone tweaking: Tape Crinkle, Tape Bias, Low End Contour, Spring Reverb, +/- 3dB Boost/Cut
* Sound on Sound mode with instant tape splice and bulk erase. A built-in tape-style looper!
* Stereo output, high impedance mono input
* Expression pedal input with selectable control over any knob parameter
* Connect our optional Favorite switch to save a favorite preset
* Tap Tempo and Bypass footswitches
* Ultra low noise, high performance 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters
* 115dB typical signal to noise
* Analog dry path for a zero latency dry signal that is never converted to digital
* Premium analog front end and output section
* Super high performance DSP in a compact form factor
* True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching)
* Selectable "trails" mode with high quality Analog Buffered Bypass
* Press and hold Tap for instant infinite repeats
* Powered with a standard 9V center negative DC supply. 250mA minimum
* Strong and lightweight gunmetal gray anodized aluminum chassis
* Crafted with love in the USA

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