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Summer NAMM: The Moog Guitar

We''ve got the scoop on the buzz of Summer NAMM: the Moog Guitar

Nashville, TN  (July 9, 2008) - For a company to claim that it has made an "innovative, new guitar" isn''t that unusual. For the guitar in question to back up that claim is quite unusual. That''s what Moog has done with the new Moog guitar. 

The buzz at Summer NAMM ''08 in Nashville was all about the Moog, even before the official press conference took place. The video below recaps the press conference and shows plenty of demo footage. 

The guitar itself has to be heard but here''s our attempt at a brief description: the guitar utilizes pickups that can push or pull the energy from the strings in a number of ways. The guitar produces harmonics that have a life of their own, yet are within a controlled range that can be easily manipulated by the player. The guitar can achieve true infinite sustain with mere tapping but can also suppress note length for entirely different sounds. With a responsiveness to the player that redefines the notion of articulation, the Moog guitar really does open up a new world of expressive possibilities for guitarists. Check out the clip!

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