SWR Debuts Headlite and Amplite Bass Amps

Groundbreaking amp pair puts huge SWR sound in extremely diminutive, lightweight packages

Anaheim, CA (January 14, 2010) -- SWR unveils a small but mighty one-two punch in the form of the amplite and headlite. Do not be deceived by the small-black-box looks, because both devices pack a professional tube-amp wallop with the exemplary bass tone and power for which SWR is so prized among discerning bassists.

The amplite is a revolutionary new SWR power amp that packs 400 watts of power into a 3-pound (1.36 kg) package that can be used on its own or easily “daisy chained” in multiple power-amp rigs—indeed, two amplites used together will provide 800 watts in a single rack space, and still only weigh 6 pounds. It’s also ideal for pro audio and monitoring applications, and as a keyboard amp. Available with an optional rack-mounting kit and optional accessory bag for convenient transport (accessory bag included with headlite).

The amplite was designed as the partner of SWR’s new headlite professional bass amplifier. A tube preamp and class D power amp, the headlite is a 400-watt dynamo in a 3.75 pound (1.7 kg) package. Despite its small size, it delivers the tonal clarity SWR amps are famous for and an astonishingly thunderous low-end response, all with a full range of professional features. Designed to be the centerpiece of a fully expandable bass system with the addition of SWR amplite power amps and speaker enclosures, the headlite is ideal as a stand-alone amp in a head/ speaker rig or used together with the matching amplite power amp. In a multiple power amp rig, the headlite is an extremely versatile performance tool for stage or studio.

The headlite includes a convenient accessory bag for easy transport that can also accommodate an amplite power amp. It can also be rack-mounted in half a rack space using an optional kit.

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