Photo 1

Can you get a decent electric guitar for the price of a tank or two of gas?

A lot of people say you can’t find good deals at guitar shows anymore. But strangely, I can usually find something in the Bottom Feeder range to go home with. A while back I was looking around at the Spartanburg Guitar Show in South Carolina when I spotted this AXL Tele-style guitar (Photo 1), which was looking quite lonely on the very last row.

The last row is always my favorite place at that show because that’s where the cheaper guitars usually reside. I picked up the guitar and looked at it. With a price tag of $99, it wasn’t bad. What drew me to the guitar, however, was its visual appeal—there’s nothing quite like an aged-looking blonde Tele with a matching maple neck and black pickguard. Man, that guitar had me at hello.

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