A Beautifully Simple Vibrato Like No Other [Tuna Tone Instruments] | Why I Built This

Tuna Tone’s Leila Sidi on the trans-Atlantic collaboration that yielded the perfect fingerpicking-friendly trem system for her small-frame-friendly axes.

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Even though the Marleaux Consat Soprano bass, shown on the bottom, has a 22.44" micro scale, it feels surprisingly familiar. The Consat Signature, at left, has a 34" scale length.

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Our columnist debunks some of the many myths surrounding Leo Fender's P-bass design.

Why is it that the majority of today's basses have a 34" scale? The quick answer would be: Because the popular Fender Precision bass had a 34" scale, and most manufacturers simply followed this layout. Then, the question becomes, why did the original Precision—introduced in October 1951—come with a 34" scale? There are lots of speculations on why it ended up with this specific scale and many of these are conflicting. Most of them have questionable and hard to verify sources but unveil lots of creativity.

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Jackson expands its bass offerings with the all-new PRO SERIES SPECTRA BASS, the redesigned X SERIES CONCERT BASS CBXNT DX IV and new X SERIES SPECTRA BASS additions.

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