A Beautifully Simple Vibrato Like No Other [Tuna Tone Instruments] | Why I Built This

Tuna Tone’s Leila Sidi on the trans-Atlantic collaboration that yielded the perfect fingerpicking-friendly trem system for her small-frame-friendly axes.

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Fig. 1 — The spectrum of an E chord on an electric guitar recorded via microphone, with black indicating contact with a box and red without.

The old adage says not to judge a book by its cover—so why do we do it so much with instruments?

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With a decidedly unique design, this cool and quirky short-scale bass appears to have the answer. The PG Nordstrand Acinonyx review.

Recorded direct using PreSonus FireStudio and PreSonus Studio One 3.
Clip 1: Both pickups engaged. Flat EQ.
Clip 2: Bridge pickup soloed. Flat EQ.
Clip 3: Neck pickup soloed. Tone rolled off.


Modern-meets-vintage design. Fast neck. Multiple tones on tap.

Would have liked one of the EQ buttons to be a mid or high boost.


Nordstrand Acinonyx


Ease of Use:


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