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Over the course of three full-length albums, the Winnipeg duo have won a Juno award, toured around the world, and, most importantly, became dads. “You wanna talk about a rush and a high, I mean ... being someone’s dad is a pretty special feeling,” says David.

On Come Morning, the Canadian duo wrestled with a gut-wrenching session gone wrong, dealt with new inspirations, and finally learned to let go.

One of the core ingredients that is essential to any Bros. Landreth album is also the most dreaded: abject fear and panic. It doesn’t sprout up from any particular insecurity about the end result, but rather where to start. “We always say we’re going to write 30 tunes and pick our 10 favorites,” says Joey Landreth. “But we usually write 12 and pick 11.” At first, the fear was unsettling, but Joey and his bassist brother, David, have not only thrived under the self-imposed pressure but relished it. Factor in a world-changing pandemic, the experience of being new dads, and a soul-crushing session gone wrong, it’s amazing that Come Morning even saw the light of day.

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An amplifier born under the concept of top boost-style, class-A amps.

Portland, OR (November 3, 2017) -- Benson Amps is proud to announce the release of the Earhart, an amplifier born under the concept of the 1960s top boost style, class-A amplifier that changed the trajectory of the sound of the music industry as we know it.

The Earhart’s design is straightforward, boasting a simple, volume & tone control with a normal/top boost switch for the extra chime without loosing the much-desired balance and bottom end.

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A new pair of grab-and-go combos with built-in reverb.

Portland, OR (January 4, 2017) -- In response to the gigging musicians’ desire for Benson designs in grab-and-go format with built-in reverb, Benson is releasing two new combos: the 15-watt Monarch Reverb 1x12, and the 30-watt Chimera Reverb 2x12 combo. Both designs implement tube-driven spring reverb based on the Tall Bird standalone unit, but in such a way that doesn’t compromise the existing circuit design of either which was a concern for designer Chris Benson.

“Designers often sacrifice both sound and simplicity in order to implement reverb. We wanted to do it in a transparent way that doesn’t affect what we liked about the pre-reverb design.”

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