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Features include a custom DiMarzio humbucker, 16" radius fretboard, and 24" scale length.

Newport, DE (December 14, 2016) -- Coming off the line, full throttle, with a top fuel collection of monstrous guitar design features is The Cara 10th Avenue Deluxe. Traditional looks easily mask the tricks underneath the hood of this street tough solid body. It’s built for rock, inspired by innovative modifications made famous by Jimmy Page, Peter Green, Paul Kossoff, Brian May, Mick Ronson and Mark Bolan. From its bare-knuckle satin yellow maple top to its 16” radius ebony board, zero fret, and remarkably unique custom-wound DiMarzio neck pickup, the 10th Avenue is the street and stage machine that’s gonna give you an advantage right off the line..

Starting with a flat 16" radius ebony fretboard and zero fret, get ready for the lowest, smoothest 24 fret playing action you've ever seen. The 24" scale (a scale also found on Brian May’s design) and smoothed-out access cutaway ensure you can reach those double octave bends with ease. Working with DiMarzio, we’ve painstakingly designed a true silent neck Humbucker with bell-like single-coil chime. A Cara hot vintage style bridge pickup is matched electronically and mechanically to create a highly musical pickup combination.

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Each instrument is individually chromed and custom built.

Beverly Hills, CA (January 18, 2013) -- When a KISS fan asked Jim Cara to create an exact copy of the Gene Simmons Spector bass that made history during the 1970's, he had no idea it would eventually impress the man himself. The client handed the bass to Simmons at a show and Gene actually thought he had his old bass back, or at least a perfect clone.

Cara didn't know that the Simmons was searching for an outside-the-box guitar scientist to help them perfect a few specialty one-of-a-kind instruments. After all, Chrome, Flames, and Leather go just as well with Hot Rod Guitars as they do with KISS. Paul Hayeland, director of GS AXE LTD, decided to give Original Cara Hot Rod Guitars a shot at making some projects happen. Dozens of prototypes later, Cara produced the elusive Chrome instruments for Simmons, as well as glass and studded instruments that completely identify with the Simmons stage persona.

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Cara Hot Rod Guitars has announced their foray into pedals with the ClapTone pedal, which puts Fender''s Mid-Range Boost in a stompbox.

Wilmington, DE (January 11, 2013) -- Cara Hot Rod Guitars has announced their foray into pedals with the ClapTone pedal, which puts Fender's Mid-Range Boost in a stompbox. Here's what they have to say about the new product:

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