Cara Guitars and Gene Simmons Team up for the Limited Edition Chrome Axe

Each instrument is individually chromed and custom built.

Beverly Hills, CA (January 18, 2013) -- When a KISS fan asked Jim Cara to create an exact copy of the Gene Simmons Spector bass that made history during the 1970's, he had no idea it would eventually impress the man himself. The client handed the bass to Simmons at a show and Gene actually thought he had his old bass back, or at least a perfect clone.

Cara didn't know that the Simmons was searching for an outside-the-box guitar scientist to help them perfect a few specialty one-of-a-kind instruments. After all, Chrome, Flames, and Leather go just as well with Hot Rod Guitars as they do with KISS. Paul Hayeland, director of GS AXE LTD, decided to give Original Cara Hot Rod Guitars a shot at making some projects happen. Dozens of prototypes later, Cara produced the elusive Chrome instruments for Simmons, as well as glass and studded instruments that completely identify with the Simmons stage persona.

Each instrument is individually chromed and custom built, as Cara puts it, "There is no way to mass produce Chrome wood guitars, I have a education background in coatings. I just loved guitars. Many companies have tried Chrome on wood and I've watched and predicted the problems they would encounter. It was an honor for Gene and Paul to come to me for a solution and I don't think anyone is better fit for the job than Original Cara Hot Rod Guitars"

In addition to the Chrome Axe, GS AXE will be debuting a Clear Punisher bass, as well as a studded series, and a road worn reshaped Punisher.

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