Cara Guitars Unveils the 10th Avenue Deluxe

Features include a custom DiMarzio humbucker, 16" radius fretboard, and 24" scale length.

Newport, DE (December 14, 2016) -- Coming off the line, full throttle, with a top fuel collection of monstrous guitar design features is The Cara 10th Avenue Deluxe. Traditional looks easily mask the tricks underneath the hood of this street tough solid body. It’s built for rock, inspired by innovative modifications made famous by Jimmy Page, Peter Green, Paul Kossoff, Brian May, Mick Ronson and Mark Bolan. From its bare-knuckle satin yellow maple top to its 16” radius ebony board, zero fret, and remarkably unique custom-wound DiMarzio neck pickup, the 10th Avenue is the street and stage machine that’s gonna give you an advantage right off the line..

Starting with a flat 16" radius ebony fretboard and zero fret, get ready for the lowest, smoothest 24 fret playing action you've ever seen. The 24" scale (a scale also found on Brian May’s design) and smoothed-out access cutaway ensure you can reach those double octave bends with ease. Working with DiMarzio, we’ve painstakingly designed a true silent neck Humbucker with bell-like single-coil chime. A Cara hot vintage style bridge pickup is matched electronically and mechanically to create a highly musical pickup combination.

Super low, buzz-free action, perfect intonation, astounding upper register access that allows near full octave bends if you dare! Trower can get ready to “sigh” when you flick the traditional 3-way switch up for crystalline noise-free goodness from a proprietary DiMarzio Humbucker. Flick it down, and you're into raw, gritty LP territory that Kosoff, Ronson, and Marc Bolan made legendary.

Many of the Blokes liked to strip the paint off their maple tops, and this where the 10th Avenue Deluxe borrowed a little of their mojo. This unique 10th Avenue Deluxe satin yellow standard maple top is a tribute to them, with a nod to Ronson’s gnarly rehash of the Broadway tune of the same name.

The Cara Guitars 10th Avenue Deluxe offers a combination of unrivaled playability, usable features, ergonomics, tone, and a classic look that’s yet to be seen on a single cutaway solid body electric guitar.


  • 24” scale ebony fretboard with 24 jumbo frets
  • Smooth carve, full access, no-heel neck all the way to the 24th fret
  • Fat, gritty British tones and hollow crystalline single-coil chime on the same instrument
  • Custom-wound neck Humbucker designed by DiMarzio. Although a standard “side by side” Humbucker, expect the tone of the best single-coil pickups without noise or hum!
  • 24 frets allow the player access up to two full octaves, and the smooth cutaway will inspire you to reach for the 1st and 2nd strings and stretch into upper third bends with ease!
  • Zero fret for finer intonation and clarity
  • Two piece fully adjustable ABR style small-post bridge and standard tailpiece.
  • Wilkinson premium hardware
  • Each Cara Guitars 10th Avenue Deluxe comes with its own plush-lined, form-fitting hardshell case.
  • MAP Price $1299.00

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