From left to right: drummer Leo Didkovsky, guitarist Mario Miron, guitarist/vocalist Haela Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix, and bassist Tia Vincent-Clark.

Photo by Jessica Hallock

The black metal band’s latest release speaks loudly with frontwoman Haela Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix’s theological philosophies and classical influence.

Most musicians hate labeling themselves with a genre. But Liturgy vocalist, guitarist, and mastermind Haela Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix is different. She knows exactly what her music sounds like, and why.

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The Gibson-owned brand unleashes four new acoustics geared towards beginners.

Epiphone's PRO-1TM Acoustic Collection.

Nashville, Tennesse (July 29, 2014) -- Epiphone proudly presents the PRO-1TM Collection – four groundbreaking new acoustic guitars fully equipped with innovative trademark features designed to make playing guitar and learning new chords simple! The PRO-1 Collection is made to be easy to play and easy to tune, yet still remain a dependable and superb sounding instrument that players will want for life.

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