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Quick Hit: Fender CN-60S Review

Quick Hit: Fender CN-60S Review

Nylon-string tones meet steel-string playability in this affordable entry-level model.

Thanks to players like Rodrigo y Gabriela, Zac Brown, and the ubiquitous Willie Nelson, the nylon-string guitar has been popping up for decades in non-classical circles. Fender’s CN-60S is an entry-level nylon that features steel-string playability. One of the main reasons non-classical players shy away from nylon strings is the hefty neck size and string spacing. The CN-60S features a rather comfortable 1.69” nut width in addition to a mahogany neck with a 12” radius—very easy on the hands.

Thanks to a few years of classical guitar lessons in college, I don’t necessarily feel too out of place with nylon strings. I found the action was well balanced throughout the fretboard and rather well intonated for a guitar in this price range. As I strummed some open chords, I felt the bass was a bit overpowering. It tended to overshadow the midrange and treble—and overall the instrument lacked volume and presence. That might not be an issue hanging around the campfire, but I could see the CN-60S having trouble cutting through in group settings. If you want to take the nylon-string plunge, but aren’t playing Sor’s and Albéniz’s greatest hits, the CN-60S would be a good first step.



Comfortable neck. Plenty of bass presence.

Underwhelming amount of volume. Thin treble and midrange.


Fender CN-60S