PG's Jason Shadrick is on location in Davenport, Iowa checking out the gear of Zac Brown Band's three guitarists: Zac himself, Clay Cook, and Coy Bowles.

Zac's Guitars
Zac's main guitar is a custom prototype Taylor nylon-string built to his specifications with a beefy neck and hex pickup. All of the band's guitars are tuned a half-step down and all of the band members use D'Addario strings. He plays his main guitar for about 70% of the show and switches for different tunings and capo positions.

His go-to electric is a Collings I-35 he uses on "Uncaged," "Who Knows," "Colder Weather," and "Whiskey's Gone." He also occasionally uses a Dunleavy Chief Strat-style guitar, and a Gibson Les Paul. He uses a Beard resonator guitar for the song "Annie."

Zac's Pedals
Zac's pedalboard features a Keeley Compressor, Boss tuner, two Port City Sahana boosts set for rhythm or lead overdrive, a new Strymon El Capistan, and two Boss GE-7 equalizers for acoustic. The EQ pedals are set flat and used as a 5-7 dB boost for hard picking parts.

Zac's Amps
Zac uses two Fender 65 Super Reverbs. The signal split between one with stock speakers for a midrange cut, and one with Tone Tubby speakers for more body.

Clay Cook's Rig

Clay's Guitars
Clay defines his parts by either single-coil or humbucker sounds. For his single-coil parts on songs like "The Wind," "As She's Waling Away," and "Keep Me in Mind," he uses either a new Bill Crook pink paisley T-style or a '61 Fender Strat with Curtis Novak pickups. For humbucker tones he's using a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop (new issue) relic'd and modified by Bill Nash with coil-tapped pickups that he says are, "The most useful coil taps I've ever had on a guitar."

He also occasionally uses a stock '90s Gibson Firebird V, Bill Asher Electro Hawaiian lap steel with a vintage Rickenbacker horseshoe pickup, and piezo with blend knob, and a Collings MF mandolin with Fishman pickup in the saddle.

Clay's Amp
Clay uses a 50-watt Fuchs Overdrive Supreme set the same all show, engaging just a Bright switch for "Goodbye in Her Eyes."

Clay's Pedals
Clay uses a Fuchs Royal Plush compressor to aid in "that Tele spank," and recently incorporated a Boss DD-7 delay to recreate the studio sound for "Goodbye in Her Eyes." Other than those effects, he has tuners for his electrics and mandolin.

Coy Bowles's Rig

Coy's Guitars
Coy uses a variety of guitars, but has been favoring a USA-themed Tele-style build by Frank Verilli with Lollar pickups, including a mini-humbucker in the neck inspired by Brent Mason. He also uses a '69 Gibson ES-335 Custom, an Ibanez tuned to open E flat for slide, a '79 Les Paul Custom, and a Taylor 814ce for the acoustic sets.

Coy's Pedals
Coy has the largest pedalboard in the band, with a Fuchs Plush Replay Tube Delay (used for "Goodbye in Her Eyes"), MXR Super Comp (which is sometimes swapped with a Keeley Compressor), VVT X-Drive, Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive (his go-to pedal), Suhr Kokomo, Vox wah, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, Boss TR-2 Tremolo (sometimes swapped with a Monster Effects Swamp Thang), Lovepedal Pickle Vibe, and a tuner. He uses an ABY box for switching between electric and acoustic, and the board is set up with a switcher that has each pedal on their own loop.

Coy's Amp
Coy also uses a Fuchs Overdrive Supreme, but his is a 100-watt because he likes pushing his speakers hard. He runs it through a custom VVT 2x12 cabinet with one Tone Tubby and one Celestion G1265. He uses the amp's built-in reverb with the amp's footswitch.