A distinctive midrange voice and the capacity to run hot and buzzy and lower volumes distinguish this practical, flexible fuzz.

A unique fuzz voice that can be explored at wide-open volumes without being obscenely loud.

While unique, the basic voice can sound a touch narrow.


DOD Chthonic Fuzz


While a lot of fuzzes cough up exciting sounds across their output volume and gain ranges, most sound best and most alive with gain and output controls wide open. The thing is, most fuzzes at max volume will be screamingly, overpoweringly loud. Yes, I know. That’s the point. But all that gain isn’t practical in every situation. What’s nice about the silicon Chthonic Fuzz is that you can run it as the fuzz gods intended—with gain and output volume maxed—without shaking stucco from the walls. The Chthonic is still plenty powerful, but the best sounds are available at lower volumes.

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