devin townsend

Before you can run, you gotta walk, and playing guitar is no different. This year, big names like Doug Aldrich, Devin Townsend, Andy Timmons, Eva Gardner, Matt Heafy, and others detail their earliest, biggest influences.

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PG's John Bohlinger catches his initial wave with the Devin Townsend-designed multi-effect pedal that has several flavors of delay, reverb, and looper.

(Left) "The one thing that doesn't change," says guitarist Steve Vai, "is that the thing you'll always need is an artist or creator to have some kind of inspiration." (Right) "It's trying to become an actualized version of whatever the heck you are in this lifetime that just provides constant friction," says Devin Townsend

about his creative process.

Vai photo by Larry DiMarzio. Townsend photo by Inside Out Music

More than two decades after Townsend's big break as a teenager singing for guitar “Svengali" Vai, the pair convenes to discuss the recent project that brought them full circle.

Put together two creative giants and you'll probably get a masterpiece, along with massive doses of chaos and conflict. That was the case when guitar legend Steve Vai and former Strapping Young Lad's frontman and prog-metal icon Devin Townsend teamed up in 1993 for Vai's Sex and Religion. Though Vai has referred to Townsend as one of the only two musical geniuses he's ever worked with, it was a challenging experience for both. “We're sort of like opposite sides of a coin. We get along but we give each other ulcers," summarized Townsend in a 1993 interview.
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