drive by truckers

On their 12th album, The Unraveling, the Drive-By Truckers use rootsy rock and incisive lyrics to describe life in modern America as they see and feel it. With songs like "Babies in Cages," "Heroin Again," and "Grievance Merchants," it's not for the faint of heart. Left to right: Jay Gonzalez, Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood, Matt Patton, and Brad Morgan.

Photo by Jason Thrasher

Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley on their new The Unraveling, and running into Mick Jagger while recording it at the late Sam Phillips' legendary Memphis studio.

On the rough-and-tumble streets of Memphis, it's said good omens are hard to come by. But a funny thing happened to the Drive-By Truckers just as they were gearing up to record their latest album, The Unraveling, at the hallowed Sam Phillips Recording studio. With no warning and little fanfare, they found themselves eyeball-to-eyeball in the parking lot with the street-fighting man himself, Mick Jagger.

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