epiphone prophecy sg

Don't let the rock stance fool you. This SG is a master of versatility.

Practical features. Upmarket looks. Surprisingly broad palette of stellar tones from flexible pickups.

Heavy for an SG.

$899 street

Epiphone Prophecy SG


The guitars in Epiphone's new Prophecy Collection, which includes the Prophecy SG reviewed here, perform an impressive balancing act. They streamline the classic Gibson four-knob control array, trade PAF-derived pickups for Fishman Fluence units, and style the guitars in a manner that screams "rock" with an exclamation point. But for all the streamlining, these instruments are enormously flexible, and they retain important cosmetic touchstones that emphasize the family connection to parent company Gibson's most iconic designs. Epiphone also maintained balance when it comes to price. The Prophecy SG is a reasonable $899.

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