A decisively dank love letter to the fuzz/phase combo.

Phase and fuzz voices pair well. Simple controls. Radical neon looks.

More controls would open up more possibilities.


Fuzzrocious Electric Ocean


Pairing a phaser with a fuzz pedal dates to the halcyon days of stompbox invention. Hendrix's Fuzz Face and Uni-Vibe certainly set the stage. But by 1975, Roland packaged phaser and fuzz together in in the AP-7 Jet Phaser, which Larry Graham would use to drive his bass to heavier and funkier places.

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We wrapped the final day by looking at the latest from Benson Amps, Ruokangas, Fortin, Prestige, Rainger FX, and more.


Fuzzrocious Pedals Knob Jawn

This gnarly octave pedal from Fuzzrocious Pedals combines analog and digital signals in a pretty clever way. Turning the big knob counter-clockwise gives you more analog upper octave and the other way blends digital octave up and octave down. The momentary switch on the left instantly flips the digital signal to the opposite octave for some pretty wild whammy-style effects. Available on March 15 for $175.

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