Hovercraft delivers sophistication and menace in this massive-sounding fuzz.

A couple years ago, I started to catch whispers about an amp company based out of Portland creating hot-rodded, vintage-inspired amps. The name, Hovercraft, was too cool to forget. But before long I started spotting Hovercraft Amps t-shirts at local stoner rock and metal shows—a sure sign that something was up among those notoriously gear-fixated communities. Given that, it wasn’t much surprise to hear that Hovercraft was now dabbling in fuzz. What is surprising, perhaps, is how versatile the new Hovercraft Ionostrofear Fuzz (v2.5) is. More than just another contender for the heaviest fuzz around—it’s both primed for sonic destruction and an agreeable partner in overdrive applications.

The Mean White & Green
The Ionostrofear has moved through a few permutations already. V1 editions were all custom and less than 50 were made. The V2s numbered 100 units and sold out in days. That brings us to the V2.5 reviewed here. With lime green paint and a strip of white vinyl glued beneath the footswitch, it looks snatched from a muscle car customizer’s parts bin.

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Production of this completely customized amp will start in the Spring.

Portland, OR (September 8, 2015) -- Hovercraft Amps is now making the ‘Caribou’ a brand new amplifier of their own design. Each customer can pick the exact appearance and sonic personality to end up with their dream sound. This tube amp brings the cherished capabilities of vintage, unobtainable amplifiers and puts incredible potential in the hands of guitar players.

With the release of these new vacuum tube powered guitar amplifiers, Hovercraft Amps is building the perfect tool for musicians chasing audio bliss. Production of their new Caribou amplifier is starting this spring, bringing highly desired rockstar grade sound to musicians all over the globe.

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