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A three-channel distortion/fuzz mashup.

Portland, Oregon (June 12, 2019) -- Hovercraft Amps have created a 3-channel distortion/fuzz stompbox – The Laguna Sunride – as a new set of sonic wheels to take a good long trip into riffland.

This pedal is the striped and sidepiped showpiece of many design and build sessions in the Hovercraft garage. The Laguna Sunride can drive and reshape a mild tube amp beyond its stock tone and gain capabilities, wake up a clinical sounding solid state rig, or even function as a preamp. The controls are designed to be interactive just like a tube amp. From dirty blues overdrive to fat riff rock, blissed out singing fuzz to full contact metal aggression, this pedal stacks solid sonic reflexes into your amp. Ease the seat back and hit the gas.


  • Handmade in USA
  • 3 channels: Lead, Fuzz & Crunch
  • All metal construction with cast metal ‘goofy foot’ control guards
  • Simple controls: Gain, Tone, Master Volume dials with 3–way voice switch
  • True bypass on/off switch
  • 9v battery or DC wall wart operation
  • Sweet 8-track inspired woodgrain side panel & kustom van graphics

The Laguna Sunride is ready to roll worldwide for $199.

Watch the company's demo video:

For more information:
Hovercraft Amps

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Stompboxtober Is here!

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