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Rig Rundown: Julian Lage

While on tour to support his new album View with a Room, Julian Lage invited PG’s John Bohlinger to his soundcheck at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville to share his insights into why he likes a straightforward rig and “honest” tone.

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A foray into the fretboard wizardry of one of the greatest of all time.



• Unleash the power of the superimposed arpeggio.
• Organize advanced language in a guitar-friendly way.
• Create excitement and forward motion in your solos.

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George Benson is a jack-of-all-trades in the music world. He's known by many as a talented R&B singer and he's floored listeners with his melodic guitar-driven smooth jazz instrumentals, but to me (and my fellow jazz guitar nerds), Benson has all of the qualities that make him one of the greatest straight-ahead jazz guitarists of all time.

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Somewhere, under the rainbow, Ritenour poses with one of two Les Pauls made for him by Mike McGuire of the Gibson Custom Shop.

Photo by Alex Solca

On top of losing his home, studio, and gear to a wildfire, the jazz legend then had to undergo heart surgery. Once the pandemic arrived, he decided it was time to finally make his first solo guitar album, 'Dreamcatcher.'

For most of the world, 2020 could rightfully be called the worst year ever. The pandemic sickened millions, bringing with it a staggering death toll and necessitating lockdowns that decimated hordes of small businesses. In Lee Ritenour's case, it can be argued that 2018 was even worse.

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