led zeppelin

Fast track your way to Jimmy Page drive sounds.

A compact, convenient means of gain staging. Thick, characterful, Page-style overdrive sounds.

The controls are simple enough, but the cryptic labels may frustrate some.


Imperial Electrical Zeppelin


The new Zeppelin preamp and overdrive by Imperial Electrical is an enthusiastically executed and thoughtful attempt at achieving Jimmy Page’s tones in an effects pedal—no mean feat if you can pull it off. In general, it does its Pagey magick by approximating the function of an Echoplex-style preamp and amp-style overdrive in a single box. Simple as that may sound, it gives the player a bundle of gain-staging capabilities.

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From founding classic-rock titans Heart, to forming her band Roadcase Royale, to scoring films, Wilson has been making music for more than half a century. Now comes her first solo album, You and Me, which includes a fingerstyle tribute to a dear friend, Edward Van Halen.

Nancy Wilson is a bona-fide rock legend. From founding classic-rock giants Heart—alongside her sister, Ann Wilson—to four Grammy nominations, being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, and scoring films, this 6-stringer has had a legendary career. And now she is releasing her first solo album, You and Me.

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