may 2014

Formidable distortion/preamp/noise suppressor combo that’s flexible, practical, and explosively potent.

For technique-obsessed guitar players, control is king. But that fixation typically goes beyond the moment and place where fingers and fretboard meet: It’s also about precise equalization and eliminating noise—or just about anything else that gets in the way of perfect note articulation.

If the 14 knobs and three footswitches didn’t clue you in, ISP’s Theta preamp is built for control freaks. It’s a preamp, a 2-channel distortion device, and it includes ISP’s popular Decimator noise suppressor—or, as they like to refer to it, a dynamically controlled downward expander. But that doesn’t mean it’s only effective for session slicksters and metal surgeons. With a little tinkering the ferociously powerful Theta can work wonders for country pickers, fusion jazzers, experimental and classic rockers, and any touring musician who has to grapple with an ever-changing backline.

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