mccaffrey audio

The modulation monster features a classic vibe sound that's coupled with a vibrato option, and some crazy fun synth/octave madness.

A simple two-knob compressor with a bass response switch.

Wausau, WI (May 1, 2015) -- McCaffrey Audio announces the release of their compressor pedal, the Reactor Boost Compressor. The Reactor Boost Compressor design was born out of frustration with many made for guitar compressors that are, or have been, on the market. Far too many are not distinctly tuned for guitar, while others shine with single coil but "muddy up" when used with humbucker-equipped axes.

The Reactor Boost Compressor has three simple design principles: 1) Simplicity and ease of use, 2) Specifically tailored to your rig, 3) Must shine with both humbucker and single-coil-equipped guitars. Simplicity comes in the form of two knobs, one to control compression and the other to control level, and one, three-position, switch, to tune the pedal to your specific guitar type: single coil, the brighter modern humbucker or the darker vintage humbucker. If you have custom-wound humbuckers, desire a slightly different tonality to better match your style of music, or just want a "way out there" type of tone, McCaffrey Audio will custom-voice that "CRITICAL MASS" control to your liking, just for asking.

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A classic, symmetrical, overdrive circuit with some interesting features.

Wausau, WI (April 27, 2015) -- McCaffrey Audio announces the release of a new overdrive pedal, the Zero To Sixty Drive. The Zero To Sixty Drive design integrates cool, classic, overdrive tones heard on countless recordings with many of the most requested after-market modifications. The Zero To Sixty Drive is equally at home in a rig crafted for vintage tone, a rig designed for searing modern tones, or anywhere between those two extremes.

Designed to retain your guitar's natural tone, the Zero To Sixty Drive is a classic, symmetrical, overdrive circuit which produces everything from just a touch of "hair" to all out distortion. The classic controls of LEVEL (volume), DRIVE (distortion) and TONE (tone) are just the beginning of this pedal's revolutionary design. The SHIFT switch allows selection between a matched diode overdrive/distortion circuit, no clipping diodes (works like a boost pedal with tone control) and an unmatched diode clipping circuit, to customize the pedals tonality and match your individual, playing style. The BOOST two-way switch allows you to add more bass response to desired taste.

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