McCaffrey Audio Unveils the Green Vodka Muff

A transistor-based fuzz with symmetrical clipping.

Wasuau, WI (April 20, 2015) -- McCaffrey Audio announces the release of their first boutique fuzz pedal, the Green Vodka Muff. The heart and soul of the Green Vodka Muff hearkens back to the 90's Sovtek Russian Muff, delivering that much sought after sustain, harmonic complexity and smooth fuzz tone. The Green Vodka Muff is much more than a simple clone of a classic pedal, it takes the heart and soul of the classic and adds a uniquely modern twist, that allows this pedal to sit as comfortably in a rig designed for vintage rock, as what it does in a rig designed for more modern music.

Outfitted with classic tone and modern features, the Green Vodka Muff hosts a range of near overdrive tones with the Sustain at its lowest level to full-on, amp-like chunk when Sustain is at its max. In today's musical genre's, cutting through the mix is critical, and the Green Vodka Muff is designed specifically, with this in mind. Set the PASS switch to emulate the more hearty, throaty, growl of the original Muff, or remove some of that and allow your guitar tones to be crisp, articulate and searing, retaining that Muff tonality, while cutting through the mix and getting out of the way of the other instruments. For those that desire more midrange, or a bit more low-end thump, the BEEF switch allows you to choose these two flavorful additions, specifically tuned to pump out delicious guitar tone no matter where it's set.

This all-analog, transistor-based, fuzz circuit with features that are uniquely modern, and elementally useful, will allow those wanting classic fuzz tone in their rig to obtain that tone they've heard in their head for so long.


  • Neutrik Jacks standard on all of our pedals.
  • Power: Negative center 2.1mm standard 9V power supply.
  • Transistor-based fuzz with symmetrical clipping.
  • Sustain: Increases/decreases the amount of fuzz/drive/gain. This isn’t your ordinary muff clone. Try it in different positions to get everything from classic green muff sounds to modern chunk!
  • Tone: Controls the highs and lows of the pedal. Has a very wide sweep and works in conjunction with the Volume control.
  • Beef Switch: Two-way switch on the top left of the pedal. Right is the “stock” mode and left will allow you to cut through the mids even more.
  • Pass Switch: This is a three-way toggle switch that was conceived with the many mods that I used to do on Big Muffs that folks sent in looking for a high/low pass filter mod. Middle position is “stock” with no lows added. Left is some lows added and right is the most lows and bass response added to the signal.

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