molten voltage

Turns the DigiTech Whammy pedal into a guitar sequencer.

Cascade Range, OR (April 16, 2015) -- Molten Voltage's G-Quencer turns the Whammy into a Pitch Shifting Guitar Sequencer, letting you hear notes that aren’t normally available on the Whammy, then sequence those notes into elegant harmonies and improbable riffs.

With this powerful new controller, you can do anything from ripping Van Halen licks while playing a single note, to looping embryonic journeys. But don't mistake GQ for a noise machine, it’s a serious compositional tool, providing complementary counterpoint to melodic lines. G-Quencer also produces a wide variety of sound effects including laser pitch sweeps, bombdrops, and musical sparkles to sweeten your mix.

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A simple-to-use analog delay controller.

Cascade Range, OR (October 23, 2014) -- MIDI Delaytion is a simple-to-use analog delay controller that takes the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay to a whole new level. MIDI Delaytion features solid, professional-grade construction and a simple, intuitive user interface.

Molten Voltage offers MIDI Delaytion with new, modified MXR Carbon Copy, Malekko Ekko 616 and Malekko Dark Ekko delays. Molten Voltage can also modify these pedals for you if you already own them.

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SIMI automatically displays the program number from your controller, or you can program it to display a custom message.

Cascade Range, OR (July, 2014) -- SIMI ("See Me"), Molten Voltage’s sparkly new pedalboard MIDI Display, enhances any MIDI controller. SIMI features 16 large bright red alphanumeric LEDs making it extremely easy to read.

SIMI automatically displays the program number from your controller, or you can program it, using one knob, to display a custom message. SIMI stores and recalls custom text for each of 128 MIDI programs. Creating custom messages takes seconds using SIMI’s single knob/button control.

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