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Molten Voltage Releases the G-Quencer

Turns the DigiTech Whammy pedal into a guitar sequencer.

Cascade Range, OR (April 16, 2015) -- Molten Voltage's G-Quencer turns the Whammy into a Pitch Shifting Guitar Sequencer, letting you hear notes that aren’t normally available on the Whammy, then sequence those notes into elegant harmonies and improbable riffs.

With this powerful new controller, you can do anything from ripping Van Halen licks while playing a single note, to looping embryonic journeys. But don't mistake GQ for a noise machine, it’s a serious compositional tool, providing complementary counterpoint to melodic lines. G-Quencer also produces a wide variety of sound effects including laser pitch sweeps, bombdrops, and musical sparkles to sweeten your mix.

G-Quencer works with all four MIDI modern Whammys (4, 5, DT, and the new Bass Whammy). G-Quencer connects to the stock Whammy pedal (no modifications required) with a standard MIDI cable.

Watch the company's video demo:

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