The PG Morley 20/20 Wah Boost Review.



Compact, smartly sized footprint. Sweet sweep. Switchless operation.

No independent boost switch. Spring-loaded pedal makes set-and-forget parked-wah sounds difficult.


Morley 20/20 Wah Boost


Ease of Use:


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A switchless wah that is tuned to DJ's specs.

Glendale Heights, IL (January 11, 2017) -- Morley, makers of pedals, switches and Ebtech audio solutions, released the DJ Ashba Skeleton Wah. This new signature wah is switchless; simply step on to engage wah and step off to go to bypass. It is also electro-optical meaning there are no pots to wear out and get scratchy. The Skeleton Wah is tuned in to DJ’s preferred tone and sweep and is equipped with our new custom MQ2 inductor for more intense Wah, smooth range and less noise. It has an internal wah level trimpot for those who want to tweek the Wah’s output level.

“One of the coolest features about the pedal is the entire pedal glows in the dark.” adds Morley’s Bill Wenzloff, “It’s Morley’s Patent Pending Glow In The Dark Coating Technology. The Bone white paint job is beautiful and once it receives a charge of light will glow on a dark stage. The pedal graphics were designed by DJ himself and adds a great touch of style to the pedal.”

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A limited-edition model made in collaboration with the late bassist's father.

Glendale Heights, IL (December 27, 2016) -- Morley, makers of pedals, switches and Ebtech audio solutions, in collaboration with Ray Burton (Cliff’s Father) have released the Limited Edition Power Fuzz Wah in chrome. In 2015, Morley released the Cliff Burton Tribute Power Fuzz Wah, one of the most sought after Morley pedals in the history of the company. This combination wah/fuzz has separate wah level control, fuzz level and intensity as well as a modern/vintage switch to select between two types of fuzz. The Wah and fuzz can be used individually or together.

“When we released the Tribute Power Fuzz Wah,” points out Morley’s Scott Flesher, “It was an immediate hit as people had been asking us to do this for many, many years. It was originally released in silver but Cliff fans kept asking for a chrome version like the original Tel-Ray Morley version.”

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