This year’s highlights include an obsession with Lehle switchers, a literal charcuterie board repurposed into a stomp station, a pedalboard project to celebrate years of sobriety, and a guitarist who plays his wah like he’s riding a skateboard. Enjoy!

When it comes to the pedalboard puzzle of assembling your guitar toys into an order that works for you and your sound, putting it all together is an adventure. Each year, we love to play voyeur to approaches wide and far … and learn about obscure stomps we’ve never tried before. Enjoy!

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Open up a world of routing options by getting to know the ABCs of ABYs.

If you like the idea of seamless switching between two amps or running both simultaneously, or perhaps swapping between two guitars with minimal fuss, it’s high time to consider working an ABY box into your rig. We’ve rounded up 10 options to get you started on your search.


The Amp Detonator
This active ABY with two buffered outputs can run on an adaptor or 9V battery and features an internal charge pump that doubles the internal voltage to 18V for increased headroom.
$135 street

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