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Morley Releases Mini Classic Switchless Wah

Morley Releases Mini Classic Switchless Wah

The new version now has a smaller footprint, switchless activation, and will be available at an entry-level price.

Gendale Heights, IL (January 24, 2019) -- Morley, makers of pedals, switches and Ebtech audio solutions, is proud to announce the official release of the Mini Classic Switchless Wah. Based offthe Morley Classic Wah this new version has the same great classic Wah tone, but now has a smaller footprint, switchless activation, and will be available at an entry level price.

Bill Wenzloff of Morley states; “Our goal with releasing the Mini Classic Switchless Wah is to deliver the best qualities of Morley Wah pedals at an entry level price so that beginners, and those with a limited budget have access to the best Wah pedals on the market. We strongly feel that our Switchless activation is the best way for beginners to learn how to use a Wah, and with our Electro-Optical design,Classic Wah toneand cold rolled steel housing it will become a dependable part of their guitar arsenal for many years.”

Measuring in at 6.85” x 4.5” x 2.75” (L x W x H) it’s perfect for pedalboards, gig bags and crowded stages. It is Electro-Optical so there is no potentiometer to wear out and get scratchy. The Switchless design means that you simply step on it to activate,and step off to go to bypass. It uses our new custom MQ2 Inductor and True Tone buffer circuit to prevent signal loading or tone suck. It has a bright red LED to show when it is on or off. The toeheel logo and treadle logoare glow-in-the-darkso it can easily be seenon dark stages. It also has an easy accessible “Quick Clip” battery door and uses standard 9V power.

Street pricing will be announced at the NAMM Showmedia day on January 23rd. We invite all media to visit our NAMM booth (#4833 Hall D) to see it first-hand.

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