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Paul Gilbert on Zep, Samantha Fish on Tom Petty, Marty Friedman on Sabbath, and more players share stories of how and when the guitar rocked their worlds.

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Aside from this doubleneck (which features a 12-string up top), the BLS head honcho says his signature Wylde Audio guitars are essentially interchangeable due to ultra-consistent manufacture quality and standardized appointments.

Photo by Jen Rosenstein

After his longest touring break in 20 years, the Black Label Society mastermind talks about the evolution of Doom Crew Inc.—the band’s first-ever studio album to feature a second guitarist.

There aren’t many characters like Zakk Wylde left in the guitar-scape these days. The man has been a fixture—not to mention one of the biggest personalities—within guitar culture since emerging as one of the most respected players of the impossibly athletic late-’80s scene. Wylde’s accolades, exploits, and influence span decades now, so chances are if you’re reading a guitar magazine, the animated, self-styled “Viking” from New Jersey needs no introduction. However, for the uninitiated, Wylde rode the crazy train from virtual obscurity to practical ubiquity on the distinction of being the longest-serving guitarist (and frequent songwriting partner) for legendary metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne—whom Wylde still reverently refers to as “the Boss.”

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Cole Rolland on Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" | Hooked

The YouTuber musician highlights the various ways Randy Rhoads' iconic riff propelled and rewarded his guitar journey.

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