rhett shull

Dipped In Tone begins its partnership with Premier Guitar with Rhett Shull and Zack Broyles visiting Joe Bonamassa in Nerdville East, his Nashville home and museum. They talk vintage gear, guitar obsession, innovation versus tradition, and Dumbles. Many Dumbles … including a rare—even among these ultra-rare custom-built amps—example with a DI port for acoustic guitar made for the late songwriter Hoyt Axton. Bonamassa also explains his philosophy about taking guitars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the road and to local gigs, and what the future holds in store for his collection of 500 instruments—every one with a story. Also, our hosts “dip” Chris Shiflett’s rig, offering the Foo Fighters guitarist a few “pointers” on rebuilding his massive pedalboard while ogling his refinished 1957 Les Paul and his custom-built Telecaster called “the Cleaver.” But before they dive deep, Schull shows off his recently acquired 1989 R9 Les Paul from Norm’s Rare Guitars, and Broyles shows off the new super-Muff-style Positron Cascading Amplifier Distortion.

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