Fender Waylon Jennings Phaser Demo | First Look

An outlaw country king is honored with a full-featured phaser that dishes his signature swoosh and many more modulation moods.

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Mooer packs ridiculous modulation power into a pint-sized multi-stomp.

Thanks to their quality sounds, pedalboard-friendly size, and even more wallet-friendly price tags, Mooer’s line of miniature effects are popping up on pedalboards and in effusive YouTube reviews the world over. With the release of the Twin Series of multi-effects, which includes the Mod Factory Pro reviewed here, Mooer seems to be upping their already-successful game quite dramatically. Crammed with a truckload of tone-shaping effects and well-thought-out controls, the Twin Series Mod Factory Pro is ensuring the Mooer buzz is safe from ever quieting.

Strong First Impressions
When I first pulled the Mod Factory Pro from its well-protected box, all I could think about was how adorable this green pint-sized powerhouse is. Somehow, Mooer crammed six knobs, one toggle, two footswitches, and a preset store button onto a pedal that’s smaller than my hand, with a price that’s smaller still. Take into account the Mod Factory Pro’s heavy-duty construction and it’s astounding how much pedal Mooer delivers at a price well under $200—even after tax.

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