An unconventional combo amp with unique trem/vibrato tones.

Gear reviewers tend to describe new amps in terms of old ones. We rely on stock phrases: “Vox-like chime,” “Blackface-style scoop,” “Marshall-like midrange.” That usually works out fine, because new amps also tend to rely on what’s come before. But comparisons aren’t so easy when confronted with an amp as unique, idiosyncratic, and just plain weird as Siegmund’s massive Doppler combo. I’ve never encountered anything like it, and I bet you haven’t either.

Big and Blingy
The Doppler is an imposing beast, weighing in at 70 pounds—think silverface Fender Twin with JBLs, only more so. Like those Twins, it comes with detachable casters—five of them to suit the amp’s trapezoidal shape. The amp is as wide as it is heavy, measuring an impressive 33.5" from left to right. The cabinet is solid pine. The components are mostly high-end NOS stuff, including most of the tubes, and the circuit is immaculately hand-wired on terminal strip. The transformers are from Mercury Magnetics, with the output transformer a custom model and one tube rectifier.

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A combo loaded with both a 10" and 15" speaker along with a KT66 and EL34.

Los Angeles, CA (September 15, 2015) -- The new Doppler Stereo Guitar Amp by Siegmund Amplifiers defies convention with an original design Asymmetrical Frequency Soundstage dividing higher and lower frequency ranges into a 10" and 15" speaker inside a V-front cabinet that delivers a Doppler Effect pitch-shift Vibrato with a Leslie rotating speaker sound in stereo. The warm laid-back lower frequencies of the KT66 tube and slower 15" speaker provide the foundation and background of the soundstage, with the brighter and lighter frequencies from the EL34 tube and faster 10" speaker floating on top into the foreground. The stereo spread of frequencies let the ears experience a 3D effect with notes and harmonics continuously relocating in real time depending on their pitch.

Playing full chords gives a sense of expanding dimension surrounding the player and listener with sound waves from all angles as they get reflected inside the room. With increasing Vibrato and Reverb the sound turns into a phase modulating echo in 3D stereo, acquiring an organic-like liquid sound character from slow motion chorus to jitter vibe. An electric psychedelic experience induced by tubes and acoustical physics alone.

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The new head will be available in three different configurations.

California (September 10, 2014) -- The Midnight Special head is the enhanced version of the tried-and-true Midnight Special combo introduced in 2000 and the best-known Siegmund amplifier. Available in three power versions from 4-30 watts and now includes volume bright switch, reverb intensity, voice control and master volume.

Also "Live Amp Sound" line out with Standard version and class A/AB switch with bias and balance adjust with MS II & III versions.

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