Siegmund Amplifiers Announces the Sound King

A five-way rotary switch allows you to vary the intensity of the resonance control.

Los Angeles, CA (May 2, 2014) -- The Sound King is a super responsive and lively guitar tube amplifier with the natural presence and musical resonance of an acoustic instrument. The pure joy of experiencing the electric guitar in this way is enhanced by an unusual range of clean and distorted sounds, a wide frequency spectrum and inspiring tone-voicing options, while retaining lively dynamics across the entire output volume.

The Sound King power/output section uses the same technology introduced with the Diamond amplifier. No capacitors or resistors are used to shape the tone, which restrict the signal's original, pure and dynamic qualities. The sound created by the preamp is influenced only by the quality and design of the tubes, transformers and the speaker. Part of the output section is the unique Resonance control: A 5-way rotary switch that allows variable intensity of resonance. Harmonics are tightened or released, creating an acoustic instrument-like natural response.

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