Rig Rundown: Goose's Peter Anspach and Rick Mitarotonda

See these jam-happy ganders soar with one guitar each and a stockpile of Strymons. Plus, why Rick Mitarotonda embraces random changes to pedal settings.

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Posen’s Collings LT M is one of his favorites—especially for slide. He also plays a Collings SoCo Deluxe, several Strats including an Eric Johnson model, a Suhr Classic S Antique, a Josh Williams Mockingbird, and a Teisco Del Ray. Photo by Zoltan Katona

The highly respected sideman, slide man, and gear-demo star makes the transition to frontman and songwriter with his debut solo album.

Thus far in his career, 32-year-old Ariel Posen is best known to the world at large for his work as a sideman for the Bros. Landreth. But a quick YouTube search unveils just how immersed in guitar culture Posen has become, with results showing him playing all sorts of drool-worthy vintage and boutique gear in videos posted by stores such as Carter Vintage Instruments, Chicago Music Exchange, Norman's Rare Guitars, and Andertons, as well as companies like Collings, TC Electronic, and Lowden. Of course, this seeming ubiquity is the result of Posen’s reputation as a guitarist. But as much as word of Posen’s abilities may precede him, he insists that How Long, his debut release, is not a guitar album. It’s all about the big picture, he explains: “These days, I like listening to songs and the story and the total package.”

In fact, he relates that his style is the result of listening to all kinds of musicians—not merely guitarists. “If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have truly found out what it is that I want to be playing and how I want to be playing,” he explains.

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The company's classic high-gain stomp is now available in a mini-size enclosure.

Baton Rouge, LA (January 25, 2018) -- Today, pedalboard real estate comes at a premium especially when traveling. And let's face it, sometimes having to choose which pedals to leave off of your board can really limit your versatility.

Well not anymore. Introducing the Riot Mini. The Riot Mini has inherited all of the Classic Hi-Gain DNA of it’s larger sibling, only now it’s harnessed in a smaller more compact pedal board friendly design.

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