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The Malian master blows Bill Frisell's mind. The technique, tone, and conceptual breadth of his debut album, Mande Guitar, will astonish you, too.

Boubacar "Badian" Diabaté's debut release, Mande Guitar, will shatter your preconceptions about what the instrument is truly capable of. Don't believe me? Then take it from Bill Frisell, the sonic groundbreaker who practically reinvented the jazz guitar playbook. In Frisell's words, "Boubacar 'Badian' Diabaté blows my mind. He's doing things I've never heard anyone do before."

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A compact, full-scale acoustic/electric travel guitar.

Redlands, CA (March 31, 2017) -- In 2013, Traveler Guitar introduced their first-ever hollow-body acoustic/electric: the AG-105EQ. This year they’ve added another model to the lineup with the AG-450EQ, featuring a striking sunburst gloss top and dark stained gloss back and sides.

The Traveler Acoustic AG-450EQ is the most compact, full-scale acoustic/electric travel guitar on the market. Traveler Guitar's Streamline Tuning System eliminates the need for a headstock, making the guitar 20% smaller and 36% lighter than full size acoustics, all while preserving the same full-scale playing experience players are used to.

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