yvette young

You could WIN Yvette Young's Signature YY20 from Ibanez! In Celebration of Covet's new tour starting May 6, we've teamed up with Ibanez and 2GTHR for this great giveaway! Ten runners-up will receive a one-year subscription to 2GTHR (value: $120 each), so they can interact with great guitarists featured in 2GTHR livestreams year-round. The giveaway ends July 3, 2022.

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It’s Art, Dude, Not Sports
You'll find many of the new crop of prog-metal, neo-soul, and funk masters blasting through their best licks at maximum breakneck tempos, almost like it's a video game they've mastered. Photo by Connor Feimster

Pete Thorn on that time when the need for a raw, emotional connection kicked vapid, self-indulgent music to the curb.

Greetings, tone hounds! I'm writing this month's column in the midst of an Asia clinic tour while riding the high-speed rail between Taipei City and Tainan in Taiwan. Part of my clinic is focusing on how to effectively write and arrange memorable instrumental rock-guitar songs, where I like to emphasize the power of saying more, but with fewer notes. Coincidentally, as of late, there has been some internet controversy brewing over whether some popular guitarists on Instagram and YouTube doctor their videos by speeding them up.

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Based on your watch time and clicks, here are the most-watched videos this trip 'round the sun.

We've based these rankings on a combined viewership from PremierGuitar.com and YouTube to compile this year's top 10. Fripp and Isbell's band were included because they nearly cracked the top 10 while only being online for less than a few months.
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