New acoustics and electrics feature figured mahogany and koa and new inlay concepts

El Cajon, CA (September 25, 2010) -- Taylor Guitars has announced the release of its anticipated Fall Limited Edition models. This year's Limiteds embody the extraordinary on several fronts: premium tonewoods led by figured mahogany and koa; new designs that include a deep-body Dreadnought and 12-fret Grand Auditorium; and fresh inlay concepts such as the "Twist," "Pipeline," and a laser-engraved Victorian motif. Taylor's electric line also yields a seasonal ode with an all-mahogany SolidBody Classic and T3/B that celebrate a vintage era.

GS Mahogany-LTD
The GS Mahogany-LTD showcases a limited reserve (75 sets) of beautifully flamed mahogany that was harvested from hurricane blowdown. The guitar incorporates striking ebony accents in the form of a back mini-wedge, binding, backstrap and an ultra-premium beveled armrest. The armrest's elegant contouring softens the edge where the top meets the sides on the bass side of the lower bout, and blends comfort, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Unique appointments include an abstract "Twist" inlay design from Taylor's Larry Breedlove, which spirals and wraps between the 7th and 12th frets. Another premium touch on the Sitka spruce top is Adirondack spruce bracing, whose extra elasticity pairs with Taylor's proprietary CV bracing pattern to add sweetness and warmth to the guitar's tones. MSRP $7498

800 Series
The 800 Series Limiteds are distinguished by modified body designs such as the 810e-LTD, a non-cutaway, deep-body Dreadnought that yields a deeper, more robust tone, and the 814ce-LTD, a 12-fret Grand Auditorium that offers an extra-rich voice. Also exclusive to this year's Limiteds, the 816ce-LTD sports a Florentine cutaway, while the 812ce-LTD incorporates a slotted peghead (normally offered on Taylor's GC8 model). All 800 Series LTDs feature the classic pairing of Indian rosewood back and sides with a Sitka spruce top, along with Taylor's CV bracing. Appointments include white binding, a design touch from years past, and the new Engraved Victorian inlay, which is laser-cut and etched from mother-of-pearl. MSRPs: 816ce-LTD $4058; 814ce-LTD $4058; 812ce-LTD $3898; 810ce-LTD $3648.


500 Series
Fans of Hawaiian koa will appreciate the 500 Series Limiteds (510ce-LTD, 512ce-LTD, 514ce-LTD, 516ce-LTD), which boast exotic koa backs and sides and a new Pipeline fretboard inlay. Inspired by the shores of Hawaii, the Pipeline depicts a circular wave fret marker design. The models also include a 3-ring koa fishbone rosette and Indian rosewood binding. Each of the 500 Series Limiteds is topped with Sitka spruce. MSRPs: 516ce-LTD $3998; 514ce-LTD $3998; 512ce-LTD $3898; 510ce-LTD $3798.


Two all-mahogany electric models also join the Fall LTDs: the SolidBody Classic SB-X-LTD and the T3/B-LTD. On the SolidBody Classic, the neck and body were milled from the same mahogany boards to create a perfect visual match. Both models include a traditional mahogany stain and vintage alnico humbuckers. For the Classic, the humbuckers are set against a parchment pickguard, while parchment binding outlines the T3/B-LTD. A Bigsby vibrato tailpiece and brilliant chrome hardware adorn the T3 for a ready-to-rock look that screams electric, vintage and cool. MSRPs: T3/B-LTD $3298; SB-X-LTD $2298


Each of the Fall Limiteds comes with Taylor's popular Expression System pickup and a hardshell case.

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