TC Electronic is going back to the basics with its new Classic450 bass amp.

Risskov, Denmark (July 9, 2009) -- TC Electronic is going back to the basics with its new Classic450.

This new amp offers players easy access to a wide range of classic tones, all via the versatile vintage tone control section. This is backed with TC Electronic’s Tubetone and multiband SpectraComp technology. TubeTone emulates every characteristic of a tube pre-amp and power-amp to deliver the full tube sound, while the SpectraComp technology evens out the compression across all strings to deliver a quality, punchy sound. 

The Classic450 delivers 450W output power thanks to the combination of the Class D amplifier technology and TC Electronic’s Active Power Management. The input section caters to both active and passive basses.

The Classic450 is fully compatible with all TC Electronic RS cabinets and it will drive any triple combination of the existing models (RS210, RS212, and RS410).

  • Power: 450 Watt (800+W peak)
  • Weight: 4 kg / 8.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 275 x 290 x 66mm
  • Outputs: Galvanic isolated transformer-balanced linedriver output (pre/post pre-amp); tuner out, Speakon speaker output
  • Tone controls: Four vintage tone controls
  • Compression: SpectraComp multi-band compression
  • Drive: TubeTone full amp simulation 
  • Pre/post tone control switch

    Additional features: Output and linedriver Mute, Tuner out, Effects Loop, Auto-sensing PSU

    MSRP $1095

    For more info, visit  

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