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Thank you for entering to win the Fano JM6!

Thank you for entering  for your chance to win the Fano JM6 on Want to learn more about Fano guitars and Premier Builders Guild?  Check out this recent

Thank you for entering for your chance to win the Fano JM6 on

Want to learn more about Fano guitars and Premier Builders Guild? Check out this recent video from Premier Guitar, where PG's Joe Coffey takes a look at the Premier Builders Guild Masterbuilt Guitars.

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Gene Baker

Mark Bartel

Dennis Fano

Roger Giffin

Johan Gustavsson

Saul Koll

Jason Z. Schroeder

Bob Gjika

Bill Krinard

About Premier Builders Guild

PBG enables you to choose from an exciting portfolio of boutique, master built guitars and amps — without the uncertainty, long wait times and lack of customer support often associated with boutique instruments. We're comprised of leading boutique builders supported by proven management, sales, dealer and customer service teams. PBG makes a boutique, master built instrument a new and easily available alternative in your search for that perfect guitar or amp.

All PBG instruments are built in the USA:

b3 Guitars by Gene Baker are designed and built by master builder Gene Baker and his team at the PBG workshop in Arroyo Grande, California. Gene and his team also build guitar models designed exclusively for PBG by boutique luthiers Dennis Fano, Roger Giffin, Johan Gustavsson, Saul Koll and Jason Z. Schroeder, who are in close contact with Gene at every stage of their builds.

Tone King amplifiers are designed and built by amp master builder Mark Bartel at the Tone King workshop in Baltimore, Maryland. Mark will also build amplifiers designed by Bob Gjika, with Bob in contact at every stage.

PBG recently acquired the Two-Rock boutique amplifier brand. Two-Rock amplifiers are designed and built at the Two-Rock workshop in Rohnert Park, CA, under the direction of Two-Rock Chief Designer Bill Krinard.