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Steve Vai


Steve Vai

Steve Vai Remembers the First Time He Heard “Eruption”

December 3, 2020
The former David Lee Roth sideman recalls being blown away by, and then transcribing, EVH’s virtuosic arrangement—though he’s never actually played it.
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Dweezil Zappa Steve Vai

"There's A Guy On the Phone Saying He's Eddie Van Halen"

November 26, 2020
After 30 years, Dweezil and Steve Vai finally work out the missing details of how EVH showed up at the Zappa compound.
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Synergy Amps Introduces the Steve Vai Signature Module

March 4, 2020
The all-tube, dual-channel preamp is the company's first signature model.
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Synergy Steve Vai Signature Amp Module Demo | NAMM 2020

January 17, 2020
The shred lord’s latest features two channels—one based on his Carvin Legacy head, and one based on Synergy’s Bman module.
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guitar hero homepage

17 Guitar & Bass Heroes Hail Their Heroes

January 14, 2020
Joe Satriani, Thurston Moore, Molly Tuttle, Tommy Emmanuel, John Doe, Lzzy Hale, Kurt Vile, Wayne Kramer, Chris McQueen, and eight more of today’s greats discuss the contemporary players who give them the shivers.
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Top 10 Rig Rundowns of 2010s

December 17, 2019
Sure, some are obvious biggies (Bonamassa, Vai), but there are also unexpected dark horses (hint: one is a shirtless Misfit).
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NAMM '19 - Synergy Modular Amp Systems Demo with Steve Vai

January 26, 2019
The guitar legend stops in to explain and demo his new signature tone modules co-designed alongside the likes of Bruce Egnater, Dave Friedman, and Mike Soldano.
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Frank Zappa

Zappa Family Trust Announces Frank Zappa Hologram Tour

November 7, 2018
“The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa” will include longtime and legendary Zappa players Ray White, Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Robert Martin and Ed Mann with Joe “Vaultmeister” Travers.
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Steve Vai

Watch Steve Vai's Otherworldly Video for "Dark Matter"

October 23, 2018
The video was shot entirely on green screen utilizing a full Blackmagic Design pipeline.
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Carvin VLD1 Legacy Drive Review

August 30, 2017
Steve Vai’s fly-in solution is a formidable preamp for backline and recording situations.
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First Look: Carvin Legacy Drive VLD1

April 10, 2017
PG's John Bohlinger enjoys his first dance with Steve Vai's new signature preamp pedal.
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Steve Vai and Carvin Audio Announce the Legacy Drive VLD1

February 13, 2017
The pedal uses real 12AX7 tubes, utilizing the full Legacy preamp circuit.
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Ibanez Celebrates the JEM with 30th Anniversary Model

January 19, 2017
The limited-edition JEM777 model is available in three eye-catching colors.
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PG Exclusive! Devin Townsend Interviews Steve Vai

October 10, 2016
More than two decades after Townsend’s big break as a teenager singing for guitar “Svengali” Vai, the pair convenes to discuss the recent project that brought them full circle.
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Ibanez Introduces New Steve Vai Signature Model

September 13, 2016
The latest edition features a rosewood top with a distinctive wood pickguard.
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Gallery: Generation Axe Tour 2016

July 14, 2016
Take an in-depth look at the shred-tastic gear used by Vai, Malmsteen, Bettencourt, Wylde, and Abasi.
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G4 Experience

Joe Satriani Announces the 2016 G4 Experience

April 13, 2016
Once again, Satriani attracted some of the instrument’s foremost talents as instructors, including Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Alex Skolnick, Mike Keneally, and more.
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10 Things We Learned from Steve Vai

October 1, 2015
The shred guru waxes poetic on his infamous 10-hour workout, improvisation, and Bette Midler’s bees.
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Top 5 Studio Rig Rundowns

January 21, 2015
PG gets personal with Larry Carlton's famous ES-335, Brendan Benson's closet full of stomps and amps, Russian Circles' Custom Shop First Act axes, Brent Mason's Valley Arts T-style, and Vai's unreal guitar collection.
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Titans of Tremolo

October 4, 2013
A tribute to the visionaries of vibrato—from the brilliant minds that concocted its mechanics to the players who hooked us on its intoxicating effects.
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