A fantastically musical synth/octave pedal.

Describing an uncommon sensory experience sometimes demands unorthodox analogies. Take craft beer critics: They won’t hesitate to describe an India Pale Ale as bitter like a grapefruit, or green like the smell of grass, even if those things aren’t usually what you want out of your beer experience. So I don’t feel too bad about my own colorful descriptions for the sounds of the TWA Great Divide octaver/synth pedal—even if the image that comes to mind is a big fat, gooey, flame-roasted … marshmallow. Some may find the comparison unappetizing, but for experimental players—or rock players for whom no tone is fat enough—it’s the highest form of flattery. The Great Divide is one fat, sweet, and delicious sounding pedal.

The Start of Something Big
The first version of TWA’s all-analog Great Divide pedal debuted at the 2011 NAMM show. Despite strong interest from musicians, the TWA team went back to the drawing board—largely because the initial version would have cost $800 per unit. This 2.0 version sells for half that and is considerably more streamlined and easy to use.

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