An analog-flavored delay with a pitch LFO that modulates the delay trails.

One of my favorite pedals of all time is the Boss TR-2 tremolo because it can achieve slow-to-fast, almost LFO like tremolos that, when paired with a delay, are a pretty deadly combo. And for any player who values unusual tones and textures, the fact that the SubDecay Anamnesis Echo so effectively approximates that magical synthesis of modulation and delay in a single pedal is a reason for celebration. The SubDecay takes an interesting approach to modulated delay that goes deeper, however. By pairing a digital delay to an LFO with exceptionally wide ranges of speed and intensity, the device achieves a unique modulated-delay sound.

Crossing Curved Space
The SubDecay packs five controls and an LED indicator, bypass switch, power, and in/out jacks into a single MXR-style enclosure. Beyond the typical level (blend), regen, and time knobs found on countless other delays, there are very potent controls for LFO depth and speed. There’s also an internal switch (accessed by removing the back plate) that allows the delay decay to continue repeating once the bypass has been engaged.

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