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VHT Announces the Special 6 Handwired Amp

VHT Announces the Special 6 Handwired Amp

The VHT Special 6 is the first hand-wired amp to be offered at a list price below $300

Hayward, CA (December 4, 2009) -- VHT has introduced The Special 6, a 6-watt hand-wired combo or head and cabinet combination that the company says offers players extra features, superior sound quality, and exceptional value.

The Special 6 is the first hand-wired amp to be offered for a list price below $300. The mod-friendly Special 6 is designed to be easy to customize for home amp builders and tube amp enthusiasts.

The Special 6's tube sound comes from one 12AX7 preamp tube and one 6V6 output tube. It boasts a footswitchable Gain Boost feature that significantly expands its range of tones, and it's the only amp in its class to offer a footswitchable boost. With the Gain Boost, players can instantly toggle between clean rhythm tones and overdriven leads, essentially duplicating the footswitchable functions of a 2-channel amp in an all-tube, hand-wired, simple, 2-knob package.

To further expand its range of tones, the Special 6 also features a High/Low power switch that enhances low-volume tones with extra-smooth richness (when in half-power mode). It's a great feature for recording, or for low-volume "bedroom" players. In high-power mode, it's one of the few amps in its class that is loud enough to compete with a strong drummer.

The Special 6 will be available as a combo and also as a head. The combo will feature a special high-sensitivity VHT special design 10" speaker. The Special 6 head will be offered with a separate Special 1x12 speaker cabinet, featuring the player’s choice of a VHT special design 12” speaker or a premium Celestion G12H30 speaker.

The VHT Special 6 combo has a MAP of $199.99; the Special 6 head has a MAP of $179.99 and the 1x12” Special 6 Cabinet starts at $149.99. All three are available now.

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