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VHT Announces "The Standard" Series 36-Watt Handwired Head

VHT Announces "The Standard" Series 36-Watt Handwired Head

VHT announces their handwired 36-watt The Standard 36 head

Brisbane, CA (May 26, 2009) — For guitar players looking for pure tone in a powerful head that can be paired with any cabinet, VHT is proud to announce the release of the handwired 36 Watt Head from the Standard Series line, The Standard 36. The Standard 36 Head is carefully handwired in the VHT workshop just outside of San Francisco, where experienced VHT designers oversee every step of the assembly and extensive testing.

All VHT handwired amplifiers are carefully pre-tested for quality. Extensive burn-in time helps to insure excellent reliability in every amplifier we manufacture. Each Standard 36 Head is given an initial sound test before burn-in and then given a second, more extensive test after the burn-in process is completed. It is then A/B tested to make sure that each individual amp offers a consistent level of quality.

The Standard 36 Head uses three 12AX7 tubes on the preamp side and four EL84 tubes for the power amp. The rectifier tube is a 5U4G. The head has a separate tone channel and TMB channel, and a master volume that controls both channels.

The Standard 36 handwired tube head has a complex tone with articulate highs but adds raw power with its tight, focused lows. The overdriven tone maintains a ton of great-sounding harmonic overtones on top, but it does so without giving up any midrange or low end for the overdriven harmonic content. The relationship between the preamp and power amp is balanced in such a way that actually makes the overdriven amp seem to crunch harder despite the fact that there is more headroom. Even with the excellent clarity when overdriven, there isn’t any harshness associated with the harmonic saturation, and it maintains a tight bottom end. Also, it cleans up beautifully, with a simple twist of the volume knob. The fact that The Standard 36 can maintain that level of harmonic content without sacrificing anything in the frequency range and that it’s capable of really chiming when you clean it up is indicative of the way VHT believes amplifiers should work.

The Standard 36 Head has the classic American tube sound sought after by true tone connoisseurs, and has plenty of headroom for live high-volume playing. It is perfectly matched for the VHT Standard 2x12 Cabinet, or it can be paired with the cabinet of the players’ choice for unlimited tone combinations. The Standard 36 Head lists for $1899.99.

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