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VIDEO: Zzyzx Snap Jack Quick Release Instrument Cable

New Jack eliminates pops, facilitates faster instrument switching

Frankfurt, Germany (April 24, 2008) - Here''s a product that has been quite a hit at music shows around the world in the last year -- the Snap Jack cable. It is based on an intuitive concept, but you really have to see it demo''d to appreciate it''s clever design. Our man in Frankfurt, Terry Buddingh, brings you this video from Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008.

The Zzyzx Snap Jack cable uses magnets to connect a cable''s core wire to its jacks. A simple pull allows you to separate the cable from the jacks quickly and without any signal pop. A variety of Snap Jack designs give you different options, too -- some allow you to lock the cable to the jack, and some are decorative. The company is also planning to roll out models for XLR and other connector types, too.

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