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StewMac Two Kings Boost Pedal Demo

StewMac Two Kings Boost Pedal Demo | PG Plays

Offered as a buildable kit and inspired by the Analog Man King of Tone, this 2-in-1 boost/drive offers warm and gritty sound you're after without the five-year wait.

StewMac Two Kings Boost Pedal

Inspired my Analog Man's King of Tone (without the 5 year wait!) this 2-in-1 pedal boost/overdrive is something completely different. It's transparent but still warm and gritty, with a full range of frequencies available without completely overtaking your tone. StewMac made this kit so anyone can build this incredible pedal without breaking the bank. The two sides of the pedal are completely independent. Knobs for gain, volume, and tone get anything from simple boost, gritty overdrive, to distortion. Two internal controls and DIP switches let you get deep to shape the sound. It won't overpower the unique tone of your guitar and amp—it just makes it better. The full color detailed step-by-step instructions are written for the beginner, and StewMac is there to help if you have any trouble with your build. Choose white or bare enclosure, includes custom labels.